How to Build a Profitable Website – Do You Have the 3 Basics?

Have you put a lot of time and money into a website that still isn't doing much to sell your product or service? Are you beginning to think that profiting from your website is all hype? Is someone telling you to spend more money on advertising that isn't working in the first place? I've got good news for you. Thanks to the intense amount of data recorded and analyzed over the past couple years, we now know of a well-rounded site structure and marketing plan that has proven to increase sales an

Hair Tips From a Celebrity Stylist – Rhonda Bradley –

Discover secrets from the artist who’s styled Sarah Jessica Parker, Brooke Shields, and Sting If you’re over 50 and trying to figure out how to make your hair look and feel young again, then you won’t want to miss these tips from my interview with celebrity stylist Penny James of Penny James Salon in New York City. Penny is the “Go To” hair stylist in New York city, and she works with a list of celebrities that include Sting, Sarah Jessica Parker, Megan Hilty, and Brooke Shields. She’s also b

Is Your Dental Blog Chasing Customers Away?

3 common dental blogging mista kes that could be costing your practice a fortune Imagine filling your waiting room with patients who look forward to seeing you. They appreciate what you do and respect your expertise. They take your advice for at-home care and never miss a follow-up appointment. Building a busy dental practice filled with ideal patients is not unrealistic. “Inbound Marketing” is a proven online marketing process that helps businesses to attract the right kind of clients, conver

How to Find Notes on the Piano - Video and Text

If you want to learn how to find your way around piano keys, check out the video below. It includes simple instructions so you can find all of the note/keys on the piano. Ten of my 25 years teaching piano were spent teaching piano lessons in students’ homes. During those years, I learned more about my students and their families than I had in the previous 15. Most of it impressed me. Subscribe to our updates for new product releases and free sheet music tutorials There was one thing that surp